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GCU Broker

The GCU Broker simplifies the direct communication between railway undertaking and wagon keeper by managing target address and data formats of various message types. It is the data turntable of GCU located in Brussels.

The GCU Broker processes wagon performance messages, wagon damage reports and compiles rolling stock data sets. Additionally it provides information about the keeper of a wagon with its contact information.

The GCU Broker is available for all railway undertakings and wagon keepers.

We developed the GCU Broker in 2019 and operate the solution on behalf of GCU.

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TSGA Services

A consortio consisting of DB Fernverkehr, SNCF and Trenitalia founded the TAP Service Governance Association (TSGA) in order to implement the TAP-Standard. It provides information about locations, timetables and tariffs.

Registered partners can upload timetables, check and publish them. Sales offices in the public transport area can download the information for their purposes.

We developed the platform of the TSGA Services in 2019 and operate the solution on behalf of TSGSA.